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What’s Art?

Art is where beauty resides. Simple is beautiful. Complex is beautiful. Colorful is beautiful and so is black and white. Art means expression: expression of the senses, expression of feelings, expression of emotions that can no longer live within us and so comes out of us, transporting our every cell to a new reality.

Art is a parallel world in which everything is alive, pulsing, vibrating; desperately asking you to come along and give it a try. No one can say he is not an artist, as everyone is. Art is what you carry inside tempting you to share it with the whole world. 


What Art Really is.

Art is the definition of things which you can not  
fully explain or comprehend. Art is loving. Art is writing. Art is capturing a moment which will remain forever impermeable in a simple peace of paper. Art is painting. Art is expression. It seeks expression and passion, and love and expression once again.

Art is everything you do when no one is looking:
the way you walk; the smile softly marked on the corner of your lips, that passionate kiss you have always wanted; the new reality in which you have walked in and the fortunate world you have now encountered. That is art. This is art. You are art.

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